Jerry R. Grant

JR Computer Consulting

Rochester, NY



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Mr. Grant is an AccessData Certified Examiner, Cellebrite Certified Operator, Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst, Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner, Cellebrite Certified Advanced Smartphone Analysis Examiner, Cellebrite Certified Advanced Smartphone Extraction Examiner, systems analyst, programmer and trainer with more than 25 years of experience involving digital forensics, cell site analysis, social site investigations, eDiscovery and litigation support.  He has been involved in many state and federal cases and has been qualified as an expert.

He is currently an Independent Digital Forensics Investigator/Consultant, and also an Investigator (Specializing in Digital Forensics) for the Western District of New York Federal Public Defender’s Office.  He was previously the Computer Systems Administrator for the NYW Federal Public Defender’s Office, as well as the Acting Chief, National IT LAN Application and Policy Support Team for the Administrative Office of the United States Courts - Office of Defender Services.  He oversees the NYW automation program, and is involved in national IT/digital forensic support for the Federal Defender Organization.

He specializes in computer forensics, cell phone forensics, cell site analysis, e-mail analysis, social media investigations, eDiscovery, litigation support and training.  He performs forensic investigations on digital evidence involved in State and Federal Cases.  He is based out of the Western District of New York but travels frequently around the country.  He is involved with many projects related to digital forensics and litigation support.  He lectures frequently at national and local conferences and conducts independent and group training.

He is a graduate of Bryant and Stratton Business Institute with an AS Degree in computer programming.  He is also the recipient of many certificates in forensics, specialized computer training and programming.  He has extensive knowledge of digital forensics, computers, operating systems, mobile devices and cell site analysis