JR Computer Consulting offers the latest in Cell Phone Forensics.  We utilize multiple forensic tools and software products to make sure we can extract as much information as possible.  By applying advanced cell phone forensic procedures, we are able to extract a vast array of forensic artifacts from different devices such as standard cell phones, Smartphones, Tablets (Apple and Android), GPS units and other mobile devices.

We can extract active, as well as deleted data, from most cell phones on the market today. These items include, but are not limited to:

  •           Address Books
  •           Call Logs
  •           SMS Messages
  •           MMS Messages
  •           Calendars
  •           Pictures
  •           Videos
  •           E-Mails
  •           Chats
  •           Browsing History
  •           Application Data
  •           Location Data

Easy to read reports can be created to allow you to search and identify the data that is important to you.  Contact us today for your Cell Phone Forensic needs.

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Cell Phone Forensics