JR Computer Consulting offers expertize and experience into the growing area of Cell Site Analysis.  Cell Site Analysis is the process of mapping out an approximate location of a cell phone based on historical activity.  We can assist you in the process of obtaining and understanding the information that is contained in a Call Detail Report (CDR).  We can then interpret those records and produce a map indicating a geographical location based on the cell tower and cell sector. 

We will explain all of the areas that are important in this field so you can understand how this technology works.  These areas include, but are not limited to:

  •           Call Detail Report (CDR)
  •           Cell Tower Database
  •           Unidirectional Antenna
  •           Omnidirectional Antenna
  •           Handoff
  •           Cell Sector
  •           Azimuth
  •           Horizontal Beamwidth
  •           Downtilt
  •           Base Transceiver Station
  •           Base Station Controller
  •           Mobile Switching Center

Easy to read reports can be created to allow you to visualize the approximate location of a cell phone during activity.  Contact us today for your Cell Site Analysis needs.

Cell Site Analysis

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