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JR Computer Consulting offers the latest in Computer Forensics.  We utilize multiple forensic tools and software products to make sure we can extract as much information as possible.  We can handle all of the major operating systems on the market today (Windows, Apple Mac, Linux, Unix) as well as deal with the growing world of Virtual Machines (VMWare, Parallels, etc.).

We have the ability to dig deep into the various forms of data on a computer and extract the forensic artifacts and information.  With our top of the line forensic software, we review the common as well as hidden areas within the electronic data.  These items include, but are not limited to:

  •           Windows Event Logs
  •           Internet Favorites
  •           Prefetch Files
  •           Google Search History
  •           File/Folder Attributes
  •           Date/Time Stamps
  •           Peer-2-Peer Files
  •           Recent Links
  •           Registry Files
  •           Browsing History
  •           Application Data
  •           Keyword Searches
  •           Pictures
  •           Videos
  •           E-Mails

Easy to read reports can be created to allow you to search and identify the data that is important to you.  Contact us today for your Computer Forensic needs.