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E-Mail Analysis

JR Computer Consulting offers comprehensive E-Mail analysis in addition to our other services.  This analysis consists of locating and identifying key items hidden within the header information of the electronic correspondence.  This hidden information goes well beyond the standard fields (To, From, Subject, Date, Body). 

The information within the hidden header of an e-mail can assist in determining the authenticity of the email as well as identify the sender based on the IP address.  These items include, but are not limited to:

  •           X-Originating-IP
  •           Message-ID
  •           Return-Path
  •           Authentication-Results
  •           Thread-Topic
  •           Content-Language
  •           Content-Type
  •           Receiving IP
  •           MIME Version
  •           Reply-To
  •           Servers in Transit
  •           Status
  •           Mail User Agents

We can assist you with finding, understanding and interpreting this information.  Contact us today for your E-Mail Analysis needs.