JR Computer Consulting is well aware of the changes from paper discovery to electronic discovery in the legal world.  Just because you obtain this information in electronic format doesn't mean it is useable or even viewable.  The information may be nothing more than scanned paper that can't be searched.  Other times video and audio files are in a proprietary format that requires a dedicated viewer or custom software to be installed.

We can help you sort through all those CDs/DVDs that you received on your case and make them useable to you.  We will assist in making the scanned documents searchable so nothing is missed.  Our many years of experience in this area along with lecturing all over the country will be a tremendous value to you.  The areas that we can assist are, but are not limited to:

  •           Converting scanned images
  •           Combining multiple documents
  •           Running OCR to allow searching
  •           Installing custom software
  •           Converting proprietary files
  •           Organizing the eDiscovery
  •           Creating Bookmarks
  •           Splitting documents
  •           Indexing
  •           Reducing file sizes
  •           Coding
  •           Extracting

We can assist you make this information more manageable and useable.  Contact us today for your eDiscovery needs.

eDiscovery Services

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